Monday, November 11, 2013



I am humbly proud to tell you that my second book, MAGGIE MAE'S HARE BRAINED DAY is ready to meet the world. Maggie is a lovable and crazy australian shepherd that discovers a trespassing jack rabbit on her property. Even worse, he had stolen from the garden. She has lots to tell him! Yes sir-ee! She gives chase, and finds his hole. Unfortunately for her brains, the rabbit takes exception to her invasion of his home and gives her a good thumping! When Maggie and her swollen nose get home, she tells her story to her sister. She realizes that she had been trespassing too! In a halariously funny adventure, Maggie learns that "Two wrongs don't make a right!"

Fantastic book siging events!

It's been a great month. CREAMY GOES TO HEAVEN had a terific audience in Quinter, Oakley and Goodland in the last months. That makes 7 book signings in addition to the wonderful Colby Book Festival. Thank you so much to all my supporters. I so appreciate you and look forward to providing you with more reading material for your little ones. I love you all!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hi All, The book festival in Colby was a fun event with a friendly crowd and many fine local authors. I sold quite a few copies of Creamy Goes to Heaven and was able to introduce Maggie Mae's Hare Brained day and the Magpie meets the Pheasant story! Lots of support for my future publications as well! It was really a blessing to be with other creative people on their journey to fulfillment. Thanks to all for the great support. It was wonderful to see old friends and meet new ones!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CREAMY GOES TO HEAVEN featured at Pioneer Library in Colby KS Sept. 14

                                                           GREAT NEWS!
                                                      CREAMY GOES TO HEAVEN

by author Deb Jackson, a retired hospice nurse, will be featured at the Book Festival in Colby KS on September 14 from 10a.m. until 4p.m. at the Pioneer Library 375 W. 4th St, which is also known as Hwy 24.  This is a great opportunity for all to come and meet with Deb to purchase a personally autographed copy of her book. 


Creamy Goes to Heaven is the first book published in the RedshoesDeb Series.  The RedshoesDeb Series features lovable pets as the stars of many stories that celebrate good values while having a great time in many funny escapades that only pets and kids can have.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

RedshoesDeb Series

RedshoesDeb Series is a children and youth book series about real life decisions and experiences that young people face.  The stories are told by lovable pets with whom kids can relate.

The first book in the series is called, Creamy Goes to Heaven .  Creamy is an old cat who dies and his best friend Sheila handles her sadness by remembering all his fun antics.  These memories cheer her up and she can feel some happiness amidst her sadness, and honor his memory at the same time.  Sheila tells the reader that if you believe in God, then you know that your loved ones can go to heaven.  When someone is in heaven, they can still love you and you can still love them.
To order a copy of the book, Google "Creamy Goes to Heaven" and order from your favorite book seller. Or order from the publisher website: